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1995 Labor Day in Hyannis

I have several folders of them in Hyannis in 1995, four of which are from around Labor Day, and one is not labeled with a date.  I’m not sure if the unlabeled one (where she’s wearing a ball cap on … Continue reading

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Really HQ photos of first sighting of John and Carolyn

Since I have photos on both my laptop and PC, I sometimes miss something, even though I thought everything was pretty organized by now! I figured I’d put these two into their own post rather than editing the first one … Continue reading

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Kayaking in the Vineyard

I remember these were some of the first shots I saw of Carolyn back in ’95 or so.  Looks like maybe John stayed on the boat while she kayaked.

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Additional screenshots from earlier days

These are probably from ’94 and ’95.  One set is of John giving her a sweet hug, another is of her standing in the doorway seeing John off to work, the other is of them outside the loft, and the … Continue reading

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1994 – NYC

This has to be from ’94, or it’s very early in ’95 because her hair is still mostly brown here.  The shoes have a 90s vibe, but that’s fine by me because I liked that decade!

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1995 – Hyannisport

I like this outfit.  Even her beachwear was something you could still wear today.  I’m assuming the last photo was taken sometime in 1995 in Hyannis, but I’m not sure if it was at the same time as the first … Continue reading

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Some screenshots of Carolyn from around 1994

Some of these I had from Simply Carolyn and others I captured from a few YouTube videos that I recently found.

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1994 – Leaving Jackie’s apartment

These are likely from 1994, where the two were spotted leaving Jackie’s apartment.

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1995 – Rollerblading!

We all know John loved his exercise, and here are a couple of shots of him returning from some rollerblading.  Looks like Carolyn didn’t join him, but instead carried his sneakers for him!

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Various dates in the park

Earlier on from around 1994-1995, Carolyn and John enjoyed spending a lot of time at the local park, sometimes accompanied by John’s German Shepherd Sam.  These photos are all from different days, the exact dates which I don’t have.

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