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October 1997 – Black leather jacket and brown cords

These were marked as October, but I can’t tell what month it is here.  John’s dressed like it’s a summer day and Carolyn is dressed like it’s fall. Anyway, they took a stroll around Tribeca to get John’s bike and … Continue reading

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Very off-topic – John’s Saab

I love cars.  I like to read MotorTrend and some of the other car magazines, and every year look forward to Consumer Reports’ annual car issue.  It took me awhile to appreciate Saabs, but once I did, I thought they … Continue reading

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New article on RoseMarie, John and Carolyn

My grandma and dad were born in France, I took three years of French in school and can still barely read it. So, I can’t translate this for you, but it does contain a much better version of the birthday photo … Continue reading

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A beautiful Carolyn collage from Simply Carolyn

The owner of the former Simply Carolyn website made this collage and it’s so intricate and gorgeous.  Each piece is perfectly sized.  You can click on it to expand it further too.

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September 1997 – Labor Day in Hyannis

This was another fun family outing.  Each of the photos is HQ.  Enjoy!

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1997 – Riverkeeper Dinner Dance

This dance was likely held in April of 1997 going by some of the Googling I’ve been doing, so we’re taking a little step back here.  This was the first dinner dance for Riverkeeper, which is a clean water advocacy … Continue reading

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September 1997 – Delancey restaurant in San Francisco

This event was for the Delancey Street Foundation, which assists people who are down on their luck and runs a restaurant to help support their operation.  You can read more about it here. I think this is a Yamamoto suit … Continue reading

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August 1997 – Hyannis

I love this set of photos because they’re obviously having a good time, Friday is adorable, and her sweater is gorgeous.  It looks like it’s cashmere and I wonder what brand it was. Anyway, enjoy! There are quite a few … Continue reading

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John and Carolyn’s “favorites” article

This was from a tabloid and is no doubt at least 90% full of baloney, but it’s kind of an interesting read nonetheless.  Maybe some of these were actually favorites of theirs.  I know Bubby’s was.

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Summer 1997 – Kayaking

I would think they were in Hyannis here, but my folder only says Summer 1997, so I’m not entirely sure. Carolyn was a good sport to go along with this.  I’d be terrified to kayak! What if you tip over? … Continue reading

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