April 29, 1995 – in DC

Maybe they were in DC to visit with Carole and Anthony? I know some of Anthony’s treatment was in Washington.

A couple of these are very high quality, so open them in a new tab to see them in their correct size.

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4 Responses to April 29, 1995 – in DC

  1. Jessika says:

    They were in DC because John attended the gala for the 25th anniversary of the Kennedy Center For Performing Arts. You may have seen the pics of him in the box seats with Caroline and Teddy and a few other people, where John chats/laughs with Ted’s wife and is skipping through the program…

  2. Jessika says:

    Also, these pics must be from 1996 as they were taken not long after their fight in Central Park (and the Kennedy Center opened in 1971). Sorry for being a smart-ass, but I just saw it in the video about their fight.

    • tmb1975 says:

      Ah, thanks for the info. πŸ™‚ The only thing I have to go by are folders that were labeled by the Simply Carolyn site, so I am truly clueless on dates!

      • Jessika says:

        I’m clueless too when it comes to dates or events. I just remember sometimes where I had read or seen it and check it again. πŸ˜‰

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