The Wedding!

On September 21, 1996, John and Carolyn tied the knot in The First African Baptist Church (formerly a slave church) on Cumberland Island, off the coast of Georgia.  Her gorgeous dress was designed by the fabulous designer Narciso Rodriguez, a friend of Carolyn’s.  The reception was held at the Greyfield Inn on the island.  They danced at their reception to Prince’s “Forever In My Life”.  Her engagement ring was modeled after Jackie’s “swimming ring”, and it was a band of diamonds and sapphires.

It was a very small, private affair, and although photos and video weren’t permitted, one of the “guests” managed to tape some of it and they set up a website back in 2009 where you could pay to see the video.

There was no way I was giving money to the person who set up that website and I’ve never seen the video, but did see clips of it on a few news reports that were uploaded to YouTube.  I took some screenshots of those.

The majority of these photos came from Ultimate Carolyn, a blog that I will always be grateful to have been a reader of.

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