Dinner at the National Arts Club in 1995

There is only one picture from this event.  I have a few of various sizes and quality, so why not just post them all?! Simply Carolyn was nothing if not thorough in collecting all the variations of the photos out there!

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2 Responses to Dinner at the National Arts Club in 1995

  1. elaine says:

    i love your pics, but i think to myself that these poor people couldn’t get something to eat without someone taking a photo. i know people say, “well, you’re famous that’s what you get.” really there should be limitations.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I know. Sometimes I feel guilty for posting them because I know how much she hated the paparazzi. These are all we have of them, and I wish there were more professional photos out there.

      I think the paps are even worse nowadays than they were then, and that’s hard to believe.

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