1996 – Screenshots of Carolyn walking in NYC

These were screenshots that I think the owner of Simply Carolyn must have made from an A&E program.  I’m assuming it’s from the biography of John that they did.  There are four out of five parts of the show uploaded onto YouTube and of course the fifth part, which was deleted for some kind of infraction, seemed to be the one with the most Carolyn footage.

She’s wearing her “Alice” headband here and for awhile J. Crew sold them, but apparently not anymore.  Still, this is a common headband I’ve seen at Ulta and several other stores with hair accessories.  I love the look, but those things give me the worst headaches.  Does anyone else have that problem?

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4 Responses to 1996 – Screenshots of Carolyn walking in NYC

  1. Sivy says:

    I love headbands, but they do give me the worst headaches in the world! I wear them anyway! I just make sure to have some Advil on hand!

    • tmb1975 says:

      Advil, huh? Usually the only thing that helps my headaches is Excedrin but lately I can’t take it because it makes me feel sort of dizzy. I think it’s the caffeine.

      Anyway, what is odd is that I wore headbands all of the time in high school and never had problems. When I tried to wear them as an adult, the headaches were unbearable! It’s very strange.

  2. Julia says:

    I read somewhere that her jacket was from Hugo Boss.

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