Carolyn’s engagement ring

There’s always been a lot of talk about Carolyn’s engagement ring.  It was apparently a copy of what Jackie called her “swimming ring”.  (For the interesting backstory on her ring, check out the Ultimate Jackie blog, which is still up!) I initially thought it was a band of emeralds and diamonds, but then read it was sapphires and diamonds.  There were a few pictures out there, but none of them were very clear or close-up.   The best one is the picture below.

Anyway, in reading Fairy Tale Interrupted by RoseMarie Terenzio, I found out it was a copy of a Schlumberger ring.  I immediately went searching, and sure enough, this does look like the band Carolyn wore.  I think hers was in platinum or white gold, but it’s also available through Tiffany’s in yellow gold.  It’s not a traditional engagement ring, but it is very beautiful (and very expensive!):

Carolyn wearing the ring in 1996

The platinum version

The 18K gold version

RoseMarie picked up Carolyn’s ring at Maurice Tempelsman’s office.  He’s a diamond merchant, so I don’t know if he designed it or got a good deal on it for John or what, but I am thrilled to have this new information about it!

If you want to splurge, check out Tiffany’s.

I also saw that there are a couple of websites that have copies of it too.

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