September-October 1996 – the Turkish honeymoon

John and Carolyn went on a three week Turkish honeymoon and I believe they cut it short because John had an opportunity to interview the Reverend Billy Graham for George.

There’s a picture of them together in my next posting, which is where she is introduced to the pests press.

I love her look here.  She rocks the Manolo sandals, black skinny pants, khakis and bootcuts (even though they are a bit short, they still look great IMO).

There are a few big HQ ones in here, so be sure to open in a new tab.

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2 Responses to September-October 1996 – the Turkish honeymoon

  1. katja says:

    wow–this is really the best cbk-blog–so many new pics(or new to me)
    i think it´s lovely that they choose istanbul for their honeymoon–it is a great city–

    • tmb1975 says:

      Thank you, Katja! I have had all of these photos saved for years from way back when Simply Carolyn existed and then some from Ultimate Carolyn. When Ultimate Carolyn was around, there was no reason to start my own blog because they also had almost all of the photos, but since they took it down, I decided to try and create a blog that was as comprehensive as that one. I don’t have a lot of the articles or the fashion expertise they had, but at least the photos are still here.

      To this day I don’t understand why UC was deleted. *scratches head*

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