October 10, 1996 – Reception at Caroline’s apartment

Caroline (John’s sister) threw them a party after they returned from their honeymoon.  As usual, it looks like the paparazzi were harassing Carolyn on her way there.  She just looks distraught and that woman is standing right in her way with the camera.

Note that the last picture is of Carole and Anthony Radziwill leaving the party with Ted Kennedy Jr.

Also, thanks to Jessika, she spotted Frank Giordano behind Carolyn and John in the photos of them leaving.  He was RoseMarie Terenzio’s (author of Fairy Tale Interrupted) best friend.

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  1. Jessika says:

    A wonderful blog you have here.
    Keep up the great work, it is deeply appreciated!
    Love from Germany.

  2. Jessika says:

    The paparazzi are probably not the only reason Carolyn looks so distressed.
    I think the fact that she knew she was going to spend the evening at Caroline’s didn’t make her all too happy, too…

    • tmb1975 says:

      I’ve always tried to hold my tongue about Caroline, but I really don’t like her. I thought maybe I was too hard on her, but when she was doing interviews and considering running for senator of NY, that sealed it. She had no warmth and none of the charisma John had. It was painful watching the interviews.

      Plus she was hard on Carolyn. She seems like she had no sympathy at all for her.

      • Jessika says:

        To me she just seems like a total snob. Her nose is not only up in the air, it’s already in space. The same counts for her husband. I may do them wrong, but that’s how they come across and how also Carole described them, at least indirectly, in “What Remains”.

      • tmb1975 says:

        Exactly! There’s a photo of Carolyn sitting next to Ed from the ’95 Special Olympics and he looks like he smelled something bad. She and John are laughing and he’s sitting there straight-faced. They’re already posted on here, so take a look.

      • tmb1975 says:

        Here, this is the photo. It looks like she’s trying to talk to him and he’s not even looking at her:

      • Jessika says:

        Yeah, I noticed that immediately when I first saw the pic. The contempt on his face mirrors exactly what I think about him. Maybe being married to Caroline let him forget how to laugh… (I’m sorry for being nasty, but I can’t help it!)

      • tmb1975 says:

        I know. I shouldn’t be too snarky, but from what we’ve read, we know it’s true that she gave Carolyn a hard time. Another photo I remember is of the four of them at the Grand Central event. Carolyn was grinning in almost all of the photos, but in that one, she looked so unhappy. Compare that with the photos of her and Lee Radziwill at the same event and there’s a big difference.

  3. Jessika says:

    A little side note: the guy behind Carolyn (in the pics of them leaving Caroline’s apartment) is Frank Giordano, RoseMarie Terenzio’s best friend, who died on a drug overdose in 1998.
    She writes about this evening and him in the pics in “Fairytale Interrupted”.

  4. Jessika says:

    Another one: hasn’t it been rumored (I forgot where I have read it) that Carolyn took Caroline’s son Jack into her arms in front of the cameras in order to anger Caroline?
    To me this is one of the nastiest rumors about Carolyn and I refuse to believe it. I could believe that she wanted to piss off Caroline somehow, but not that she would use a child for it.

    • tmb1975 says:

      Yeah, I could understand her maybe lashing out at Caroline after the way she was treated (must be punctual at the wedding!), but Carolyn had a genuine love of kids. You can see it in the photos in the People article from 2009 where she’s playing with John’s friends’ kids, Noonan’s book (I think it was that one) had a couple of photos of her with his kids, and also the photos of when they met the Buckeye Powered Parachute family. She’s holding a little girl on her lap in those. So no, I don’t buy that rumor for a minute!

  5. katja says:

    well,frankly i think caroline kennedy is a snob…but i don´t really believe that they couldn´t stand eachother…i think caroline and john were so close,that there was no space for a third person.
    they maybe didn´t like eachother very much but i don´t believe all these rumrs about caroline and carolyn hating etc.
    btw although she was a great mother,fashin icon etc–jackie was a snob aswell.
    although caroline was a snob etc–i somehow like her..maybe she is very shy and this is why she appears coldhearted.
    have you seen the interview with david letterman?she is very witty and funny.
    here it is:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKl7xWLHIm0

    • tmb1975 says:

      You might be right. I forgot what is exactly written in Carole’s book about the relationship between Caroline and Carolyn (Carole, Caroline, Carolyn – this is insane!), but I do know they weren’t all that fond of each other. I don’t think wedding punctuality was the entire reason, although that’s what they talked about in the tabloids.

      Anyway, thank you for the link. I will be sure to watch!

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