Kate Middleton and Carolyn

Ever since Carolyn died, I’ve looked for another fashion muse for inspiration.  I’ve never found one that has come close.  I enjoy reading about Kate, er, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, but have never really liked her style for the most part.  I know it’s because she’s in a vastly different position than Carolyn was in and has to dress very formally.  If she wasn’t a royal, I think she’d be a little more freewheeling.

Anyway, when I came across Kate in that cream dress she recently wore, just for a second Carolyn flashed through my brain.  The dresses aren’t really similar except in color, length and the slit, but something about Kate just reminded me of Carolyn that day.  She looked very glamorous and much less stuffy! Despite the drastic differences in coloring, she and Carolyn have/had a very similar build and stature with lustrous, thick hair, and they both can/could light up a room with that smile.

I made a small collage comparing the two gowns.  Kate looks good, don’t you think?

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6 Responses to Kate Middleton and Carolyn

  1. Jessika says:

    I think this is the best dress Kate ever wore! I have nothing against her, actually I quite like her personality-wise, but her style is in general a bit too boring for me. Somehow it makes her appear older (and not in a good way), which is increased by her make-up. She could look a bit fresher if she would change her make-up routine, at least in my opinion. But I think she carries herself well under the circumstances. I do hope that in time, when she is a bit more used to her life as a princess, she will relax a bit even when cameras are there.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I’ve noticed the makeup too! I think with time she might ease up a bit and change her look a little. But there will always be those rules that royals have to wear tights, closed shoes, etc., etc, unless someone down the line changes them.

  2. Lara says:

    I agree; I like Kate, but it irks me to some extent that there is so much made over her fashion sense and that she is a “fashion icon.” It’s questionable whether she even wants to be labeled as that, but as someone said this past fall, if she walked down a street in New York, she wouldn’t stand out from any other girl. I think she puts things together well and presents herself well, but in comparison to someone like Carolyn, or her late mother-in-law, Kate pales. A fashion icon is someone who sets the trends, not follows them, and leads by their own rules. Carolyn had it, Jackie had it, but I question whether Kate does. Other than though, I think she is a welcome addition to the royal family.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I think she’s been made into a “fashion icon” because there’s no one left! Seriously, I was looking through the Met ball dresses and almost everyone looked downright strange. Tom Brady’s hair was styled like a kewpie doll’s, Beyonce was showing her butt, Marc Jacobs had on some weird dress, January Jones looked like a bumble bee, etc., etc. That’s why I don’t know where to look anymore for fashion inspiration except maybe a garden variety J. Crew catalog! 😛

      You know if Carolyn and John had gone to a ball like that, they would have blown everyone out of the water.

  3. katja says:

    when i saw kate wearing that dress the first thought was that it looks like carolyns dress from the fire and ice ball!
    i like kate middleton as well,but her style is a bit overrated imo–this outfit is great indeed but she dresses pretty ordinary–imo she is not a “fashion icon”–at least not yet-

    • tmb1975 says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw the similarity! I think Kate will find her own style at some point. Even Diana had some atrocious outfits, and even though it was the 80s, they were bad even for the 80s! Plus Kate just seems very sweet and I can’t help but to like her.

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