November 4, 1996 – 30th Anniversary of the Whitney Museum

This is the first of three times they attended events at the Whitney, and each time her look was incredibly memorable.  Here it’s just a simple black dress, but the shoes and hair make it really stand out.  I wonder if the shoes are Manolos?

For a long time, I thought the last few pictures where she has the center part were from some other event where she wore a similar outfit because she looks so different.  You can tell how much these stuffy events drained her.  I have looked exactly the same way she does in the last couple pictures of her in the car after a family get-together.  It leaves you sapped of energy.

Excuse my melancholy today, but so many times when I’m going through these, I find myself wishing she had just found a great guy who wasn’t famous and lived in anonymity.  She would have no doubt made a bit of a name for herself in the fashion world with her talents.  I just hate that they all had to die so soon due to such a fluke.  It really gets to me around this time of year.  Even though I never knew them, it saddens me to think about what could have been.

Note: a lot of these photos are of super-duper high quality.  Be sure to right click on them and open in a new tab.

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2 Responses to November 4, 1996 – 30th Anniversary of the Whitney Museum

  1. Jessika says:

    This is one of my favourite Carolyn looks (well, most of her looks are). The simple but sexy black dress, the black coat and great shoes + open hair = just wonderful!
    Although I often wondered about her wearing something so “revealing”. The dress shows a lot of cleavage. And remember her top at the Ralph Lauren store opening in London and the dress at the Municipal Art gala (which you posted already)? They were see through in the flashlight and she wore no bra. I often wonder what she thought when she saw the pics, if she felt a little embarrassed or uncomfortable (which she didn’t need to, if you ask me).
    Today, this would be a major fashion faux-pas and be all over the news.
    The reason I wonder about this is Billy Noonan’s account of the rehearsal dinner in his book, where he says that her dress for the evening “was too revealing for anyone but her physician”. And she allegedly said to him: “I’m a bit self-conscious about this dress.”, so he gave her his blazer. But maybe it depended on her mood, who knows.
    P.S.: I think the main reason for her exhausted look are again the paparazzi as she looks the unhappiest in the pics of them going to and leaving the event. But I also think that she hated those events for the most part and found them annoying. Carole Radziwill wrote in her book about Carolyn and John attending an event and Carolyn saying how silly it is that they have to go to this thing while Anthony is in the hospital. And that, basically, she would have preferred to stay in the hospital with them.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I agree – can you imagine her living in this day and age with celebrity blogs everywhere picking apart every single thing a celeb does and then the commenters get their digs in too? (I don’t like the reality show people, but some real celebrities can do nothing right according to certain bloggers.) It would have been extremely hard for her, although maybe by now she would have adjusted to it.

      I do remember the sheerer outfits. I don’t think she realized how bright those flashes were and what they could do to the dress. If you look at the collage of her dresses that I made, you can see Christy Turlington wearing the one Carolyn wore to the Municipal event and it’s not sheer. That’s odd because there are tons of flashes going off at fashion shows. Maybe hers was lined? It was also shorter.

      Carolyn just seemed like a genuine, unpretentious person who just wanted to be with the man she loved. I don’t think she ever wanted the “perks” of it like those stuffy events and the last name. When you see photos of them, their body language is amazing. They are always in step with one another and holding each other so close. You just can’t fake that kind of love.

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