RoseMarie Terenzio article on Carolyn’s clothing

RoseMarie really lucked out! Carolyn gave her some of the clothing and accessories that made her so recognizable, namely the black Prada coat and purse.  In this article to the left is a tab where you can view the photos of the items and a description of each:

The leopard coat was from a flea market! Oddly enough, she said she was photographed in it many times, but there is only one photo that I have of her in that particular coat.  She had another leopard print that she wore once, but that was a different style.

Anyway, I scrambled like a little squirrel to match up the photos of the items with ones of Carolyn actually wearing them.  Is it bad that I immediately knew which ones to look for to make these comparison shots?  😉

PS – I searched through my folders and can’t find one of Carolyn wearing the white coat.  I’m not sure if she was ever photographed in it.  I need to search out the alligator clutch next.

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  1. stephah says:

    Love this post!! Thank you so much for your wonderful blog!

  2. Julia says:

    Very insightful!!!! Thank you sooo much for this wonderful blog. I really appreciate it. Regards from germany 🙂

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