RIP, Mary Kennedy

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  1. Jessika says:

    It’s so terribly sad. To quote RoseMarie Terenzio’s Twitter post: “Mary Kennedy always ended her phone calls with “Lots of love”. Lots of love to you, Mary.” XO, Jessika

    • tmb1975 says:

      That was sweet of RoseMarie. Depression is a beast to deal with, and her heart was probably broken by her divorce. I feel so bad for her kids.

      I didn’t know much about her, but am amazed at how much she resembled Jackie. She was a beautiful woman.

  2. Lara says:

    If you look through the albums, especially of John and Carolyn in Hyannis, there are several more of Carolyn with Mary. I can’t help but wonder if they were still alive…Carolyn was such an empathetic person, I think she would have gone out of her way to help and protect Mary as best she could, she seemed to have such an affinity with the vulnerable. So sad.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I said it before, but depression is a beast to overcome. I see all of these remarks about how selfish she was, how if she was taking medication, it was the cause of her suicide, and so much misinformation. I truly believe that a good 60-70% of the internet is full of nuts. The poor woman’s husband left her struggling with depression and alcoholism to deal with it alone. It looked like he would get primary custody of the kids too. Someone said that people who are so depressed just can’t see another way to escape, so they turn to suicide. So instead of condemning this poor lady, they should be trying to understand what it’s like when life seems hopeless.

      I know I’m painting things with a broad brush, but I wouldn’t get involved with a Kennedy man. They’re either prone to cheating or engaging in risky business. John seemed like a nice guy, but I understand Ann Freeman’s concerns about her daughter marrying him.

  3. Lara says:

    Agreed…I had thought more of RFK Jr. just because I thought John had been close to him and there were pictures of Carolyn hugging him, but the more you read about his treatment of Mary, the more of a d*** he comes across as…first of all, leaving her all alone in that house, running off with some actress, trying to win sole custody of her children, and then going to court with her family so that she could be buried in Hyannis. I mean, from her family’s perspective, why would you bury her in the plot of the estranged family and when she reportedly had not even been allowed there in two years. Of course, no one but them really knows exactly what went on there, but he really comes across as an incredibly arrogant, selfish, and totally callous individual. That poor woman. Regarding the Kennedy men, I think John was the exception to the rule, and that was because he was far more his mother’s son. I can’t help but think that both John and Carolyn would have appalled at Bobby’s behavior if they were still alive.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I didn’t know about the legal battle to get her buried in Hyannis. For Pete’s sake, let her be near her own family. Why does it matter where she is buried?

      I also wondered if Ann Freeman really wanted her daughters’ ashes scattered at sea. I think I read somewhere that this was a hasty decision. This is just me, but I’d want the ashes or body somewhere where I could go and visit.

      I also read the kids are in boarding school. I just can’t even imagine being a kid away from home and finding out your mom is gone. I hope they have a good support system.

  4. katja says:

    you´re right kennedy men are not the best choice–inspite of what everyone else believes.
    john seemed like a good guy–but who knows?
    every woman wanted him–i think it´s difficult to not be tempted.
    i quite like rfk jr.–he seems like a better kennedy–depression is horrible–not just for the person concerned–also for the spouse.
    we don´t know what happened between them–
    but it doesn´t matter.
    it is a tragedy for the whole family,especially the kids.
    and for mary,of course.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I don’t know much about RFK, Jr., but I feel awful for the kids and that Mary had to endure such deep depression.

  5. Jessika says:

    I read that Ann Freeman regretted having Carolyn and Lauren cremated and scattered at sea, because she now hasn’t got a place she can go to to mourn. Like you said, it was a hasty decision lead by the Kennedys.
    And to Mary: at first I also thought that she should have been buried by her family (meaning her siblings) and was really angry about the decision of the judge to give the body to RFK jr. (typical, the Kennedys always get what they want was my thought). But now I think it was for the best, because the most important thing in this case are her children, and they are with Bobby jr. and the Kennedys. And that’s where they will grow up and spent most of their time. So it was the best for them to let their father take her to the Kennedys and choose a place where they can go any time with or without their dad. Letting Mary’s siblings decide would have probably made it really complicated for the kids as Bobby and the Richardson’s obviously don’t get along.
    And my opinion to RFK jr.: I have read quite a bit about him in books about the Kennedys and all the accounts are not nice. He is described as a vindictive, domineering, selfish guy who pushes his views on the world down everybody’s throat, whether they care or not and he accepts no other opinion then his own. Even Kick said once that her father constantly pushed his environmental beliefs down her throat all her childhood (I think she used exactly these words). That was in a TV interview about a documentary of his in which she appeared too, and when she said that Bobby was sitting next to her and they were laughing a bit, but after all I’ve read after that interview I find it quite revealing of his personality.
    He also tried to take over the family lead after Ted’s death and wanted to decide what happens with the Hyannis Port compound and got into arguments with Ted jr. about that. He also attacked Ted at several occasion for his Obama support and wanted to force him to get into rehab for alcoholism (that is basically a nice thing, but in his case it rather showed his wish to tell people what to do). Of course, there is the question whether or not to believe all of this, but I never read something nice about him. Adding to this, there is whispering talk about him constantly cheating on Mary with babysitters (I heard that some even had to quit because he was coming on to them so strong), Broadway actresses, other Environmentalists, etc. Also he left Mary and the kids constantly alone for weeks and months for his environmental missions. As I said, we don’t know whether these things are true, but I tend to believe most of it because he seems like exactly that kind of guy to me. And all of his behavior at the moments fits into this. And his sometimes pretty aggressive twitter posts against some politicians fit the picture too.
    But now Mary is dead and all of this doesn’t matter anymore. I just hope she is in a better place now. And although I’m an atheist, I like the thought of her hanging out with John, Carolyn and Lauren right now. Rest in Peace, Mary.

    • tmb1975 says:

      Wow, I’d never heard that about him. I don’t read much about the Kennedys except for Carolyn and a little about John Jr. I did recently read a few paragraphs about John Kennedy Sr. in some revealing book about the family and it had me shuddering. I could have done without the descriptions of his venereal diseases (if that was true).

      RFK Jr. is seeing Cheryl Hines from Curb Your Enthusiasm, or at least he was. That couldn’t have helped Mary’s mindset.

      I agree that it will be best for the kids to be able to visit her grave, but I also feel bad for her family. It’s just an all-around tragedy.

  6. Lara says:

    I’m not saying Mary was blameless, because she was an adult, and you do ultimately have to take responsibility for what is yours, but the thought of that poor woman all alone in that big house by herself, battling her demons by herself, and having the possibility of her children being taking away hanging over her…your heart just breaks. And you can blame it on depression, you can blame it on substance abuse but the reality is is if she had had a husband who had been more supportive, who had been sensitive to her needs, etc. etc. I think in reality only Jackie was able to rise above the Kennedys and not be consumed by them, but she was a very strong person and had a strong sense of self. But if you don’t have that…I think it is very reminiscent of Joan Kennedy, a sensitive soul who couldn’t deal with being married to a Kennedy. I cant help but think that Carolyn would have bent over backwards to help Mary. And regarding the burial issue…I don’t know the laws but I am assuming that because technically they were still married, Bobby still had greater control of that decision, I somewhat doubt that it is just because he is a Kennedy. And I disagree that it is better that she should be in Hyannis…he could have amicably worked with the family that actually loved her (her own) and the kids could visit her there, while retaining positive relationships with them. He’s classless.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I agree – you need to be a strong person to be in that family, especially if you were an outsider who married into it. If Carolyn was here and had known about Mary’s struggles, I have no doubt she would have been a “mother hen” to her after all I’ve read about Carolyn helping out her friends.

      I don’t think much of RFK Jr. either. All I know is I saw some photographs yesterday of the kids at the funeral and it was heartbreaking. One of them is still pretty young too.

  7. Jessika says:

    I recently read that her children didn’t spent Mother’s Day with her. She hanged herself 3 days after. I’m not saying that this was a reason, but it is a sad thing. But maybe it was just a coincidence.
    All the things going on at the moment, Cheryl Hines closing her Twitter account, RFK jr.’s strange eulogy and comments in the press, the wake on Monday organized by her family (Bobby is not invited and brings the children to Florida to Ethel) and so on. I don’t even know where to start.
    It’s just too much for an outsider to understand and comprehend. What is wrong, what is right? There is just one thing that matters now: the well being of her kids. And as a friend of Mary’s recently said: “Bobby is a terrible husband but a very good father.”
    I hope that this is true. For them.

    • tmb1975 says:

      Me too. I wonder if she had anyone who spent time with her and tried to help her before she committed suicide. Her family obviously cares, but I wonder if Bobby even knew the kind of state she was in. Some men are oblivious to that sort of thing.

      Another sad ending for a vibrant woman who had a lot left to give.

      • Jessika says:

        Well, according to himself, he knew exactly about her state. And her “best friend” Kerry too. Did you hear what they said? Examples:
        “A lot of times I don’t know how she made it through the day,” her husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., said Thursday. “She was in a lot of agony for a lot of her life.”
        “She fought with every ounce of her mission to overcome that horrible disease,” Kerry Kennedy said. “It was not something that she asked for; it was something that she was dealt.”
        And they said a lot more. Have you read about Bobby’s eulogy? He mentions his telephone conversation with Mary one day before her death. And then Mary’s anger at him.
        Sorry, but everything Bobby and Kerry said since Mary’s death is just plain disgusting to me. Whatever really happened, we don’t know. But their behavior now lets me really despise them.
        Plus, am I the only one who thinks that she left a suicide note (as first reported) and that Bobby intercepted it (he said there was none)? I would bet that this is true.

      • tmb1975 says:

        I haven’t read very much about this, other than some articles on People, but usually a person will leave a suicide note of some kind. I’d think especially if they have kids, they would scribble an “I’m sorry” or something before doing it.

        I know this – depression is hard to treat. Some people can take a daily pill and it helps them within a few weeks and they’re able to get on with life. For others, medications may have intolerable side effects, they may not work at all or make things worse, or they may work and then stop working.

        If they knew how hard she was struggling, you’d think they could have done what Britney Spears’ family did and gotten her into a treatment center that by law she was required to stay in.

        But sometimes no amount of talk therapy, medication or alternative treatments can get a person out of that black hole. It’s especially bad if it’s genetic and not caused by any one thing.

  8. Jessika says:

    I just wanted to add Carole Radziwill’s Twitter posts about Mary from yesterday:

    “I’ve been MIA, I’m sorry. My close friend Mary Kennedy died last week, these have been difficult days.”

    “Very difficult, sad days. Mary was a beautiful person, great mother, loyal friend. Hard to picture a world without her. #marykennedy”

    “Hard to resume after a traumatic event. Trying to work, grieving for my friend. Sick at the lies that were said about her. #xox”

    • tmb1975 says:

      I agree – RFK Jr. was just trying to pass the buck in his eulogy. You should have seen the comments on Facebook when People magazine asked readers what they thought about her suicide. Judgmental idiots came out of every corner.

      The poor woman apparently felt there was no hope left for her and was driven to do the unthinkable. I feel so badly for her and the kids.

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