It’s Friday, so how about some Friday pics?

Friday was a Canaan dog, which is recognized as Israel’s national breed.  John wanted everyone to think he was a mixed breed so that people wouldn’t rush out to get one.  I don’t know if the breeder wanted this or if John wanted to make sure people were getting a dog for the right reasons, but I think it was an admirable thing to do.  When you don’t do your research on breeds, you can wind up in a real jam, and a dog is a commitment for years (at least for us).

Anyway, after John and Carolyn died, Friday went to live in Portugal with Efigenio Pinheiro, John’s longtime butler.  I read awhile back that Friday passed away at age eight of cancer.  That’s not very long for a dog of his breed; their life expectancy is approximately 12-15 years.

I also heard that John paid the breeder or a trainer to train Friday for a few weeks before getting him.  They really lucked out with their pup.  He endured the paparazzi confrontations with grace and seemed so friendly.  My last two dogs have been troubled rescues, so seeing this kind of behavior is foreign to me.  It was probably foreign to John too, as Sam, his German Shepherd, was “unstable” according to RoseMarie’s book and wound up biting a George staffer.

Here are a few photos of the cutie.  I have more, but will save them so we can have “Friday Fridays” for a few weeks.  😉

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3 Responses to It’s Friday, so how about some Friday pics?

  1. Socalnocalgal says:

    So cute! I’m a new dog owner and I finlly get it. …though we’re not exactly mouth kissers around my place, but I totally get it. 😉

  2. Jessika says:

    I’ve got two dogs and we are also no mouth kissers normally, but sometimes they see their chance and just jump on you! 😀 I guess that’s what Friday did with Carolyn.
    What pains me is to think of Friday never seeing his masters again. But I’m really happy that Efgenio took him. At least he was with someone he knew. Although I found it strange that Caroline didn’t take him, considering how much John and Carolyn loved that dog…

    • tmb1975 says:

      I know – I saw a pic of Caroline with her dog, so she appears to like animals. Maybe her dog wouldn’t have gotten along with Friday. Or Friday was more used to Effie.

      My dog’s a pit mix and wants to lick everything in sight, and it’s not kisses. (Pitties are known to kiss a lot.) He is just constantly hungry and has a hollow leg when it comes to food. It comes from the fact that he was found starving, so I think he’s always afraid he’ll be without food.

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