Screenshots from various programs

Before moving along to my 1997 folder, I figured I’d post these screenshots that were from Simply Carolyn.  Enjoy!

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  1. Jessika says:

    Have I already mentioned how crazy it makes me that the people who made the stills don’t post the videos they are from? I have never seen the footage where Carolyn is standing besides the white van and then gets into the cab. If the person who owns this is ever reading this here: please go to youtube and share it with us. It will be highly appreciated!

    • tmb1975 says:

      Those people have dropped off the face of the earth. It has to be a good seven years or so since the girl (can’t remember her name) who ran Simply Carolyn shut it down. Before that was an awesome forum that got a decent amount of traffic and that was…you guessed it! Shut down! And then we had Ultimate Carolyn, and while they didn’t provide these screenshots, they did have to follow the path most of the great sites have taken and leave their fans high and dry.

      I always wonder if someone sent them a cease and desist for posting about CBK, or maybe for photo copyrights? Otherwise, why not just leave it up?

      • Jessika says:

        I don’t think that they had copyright issues. If it had been the case, they would have said that. And the UC girls just said that they have no material anymore.
        I believe the main reason why they shut their sites down was the typical “that is my stuff and I don’t want anyone to just have access to it and use it without my control”.
        They didn’t care about others being interested in the material (which is ok for them, but sad for us), they had these sites mainly for themselves and been possessive about it.
        I don’t want to do them wrong, they had every right to do what they want with their sites, but I just feel that they weren’t really (or at least not in the first place) interested in sharing or keeping a memory alive, they had the sites more as a hobby for themselves.
        Also they probably just weren’t that interested any more and wanted to make a cut and not leave something they have once created on the net forever.
        But we can only guess about that.

      • tmb1975 says:

        I understand to an extent not wanting someone to steal photos you took, scans you made or things you created (I had a collage ripped off by many people because I didn’t put my name on it!), but all you need to do is just put the name of the blog on the photo or whatever it is.

        Most of the stuff I post on here is the work of the girl who ran Simply Carolyn (I always try to give credit when I know where it came from), photographers or the press, so I don’t feel jealous if someone decides to re-post things elsewhere. I just got a little annoyed about the collage. 😛

        PS – I really do want to keep Carolyn’s memory alive. Too many times it’s always said about how sad it was that John died. What about the other two? There aren’t many photos of Lauren, but in the future I’ll be posting what I have.

        The other thing I never got was that they turned the site into something that I can’t quite describe. Bizarre, maybe? Photos of a dead woman on your banner next to Happy Halloween! or Merry Christmas! just didn’t feel right. Who am I to judge though? Maybe people think I’m too uptight, too superficial or just plain nuts for posting a zillion photographs.

  2. Jessika says:

    I feel about the same way as you do. To think of the pain of Lauren’s and Carolyn’s family is what touches me the most. They lost two sisters, children, nieces. And they are not the Kennedys, they are not “used” to tragedy and not used to just move on with their lives. Also, from all I’ve read, Lauren must have been a wonderful, extremely intelligent, interesting and fun person. But she just got left behind somehow. I have to think of the memorial in New York which was only about John and Carolyn. I found it rude somehow, but maybe it was the wish of Ann Freeman not to have her other daughter’s name dragged through the media, no matter in which way.
    And I think you’re right about the Christmas and Halloween stuff, but well, it was their decision. Maybe they wanted to keep a happy spirit alive. Who knows.
    And who cares what people think about you? Who are they to judge? Remember: you are not alone. Look at your followers list and Facebook likes. And that are just the ones who dare to publicly admit it. We know that there are more, don’t we?! 😀

    • tmb1975 says:

      I think those fans are out there! I just wish they’d find us. I want to hit 100!

      Lauren sounded like she had the whole world in the palm of her hand. VP of Morgan Stanley at 34, fluent in Mandarin Chinese, beautiful, you name it. All of those girls did well for themselves. I saw some photos of their mother on a press site. It was after the accident and she had a car accident and was visibly shaken. She still was so graceful looking though. It’s easy to see where her daughters got their poise and looks from.

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