April 26, 1997 – White House Correspondents’ Dinner

According to Wikipedia, this event is traditionally held at the Washington Hilton.  There are so few photos of this dinner (compared to other formal evenings such as the Whitney galas) and it drives me nuts because I loved what I saw of this dress.  The shoes added that little extra something with the criss cross straps and the ponytail was a great look for her.

Since the president attends, I’m sure security is extremely tight, so not just any photographer can get in.  There aren’t that many great shots from the 1999 dinner either (at least not full length where you can see the entire outfit).

In this gallery, there are several HQ close-ups and the one shot that shows them walking in can be made bigger.  The man who took some of these has a Flickr account and I recall him telling a story about the kiss photo.  Apparently John staged it so this man could get a good shot to sell.  I need to search for it again as it was an interesting anecdote.

Note: photos 9-10 and 17-19 are from http://www.celebrity-photos.com.  He is the one who had the story about John and Carolyn kissing for one of his photos, although I’ve yet to find it on his site.  It’s also attached to a Flickr account, and I think the description might be on there somewhere.

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11 Responses to April 26, 1997 – White House Correspondents’ Dinner

  1. Julia says:

    I´m always wondering if there was someone who did her hairdressing before events or if she did it herself without help.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I remember something in Carole’s book stating that she would just twist her hair into a bun, apply some lipstick and go to these events. I can’t remember the exact passage, so I’ll have to look. Man, my attempts at buns have always been abysmal.

  2. Jessika says:

    What I find so strange is that these days the White House Correspondents’ Dinner is such a big deal. Celebrities are walking a red carpet, posing, all the dresses/gowns are pictured in the press, there are pics from the after-party and of course the material from the inside with the president being funny etc. As I’m not an American I don’t know if there has been a change and it used to be a more secret and restrained affair. But if it has always been like it is now (and like it somehow was in 1999 when John and Carolyn posed for the cameras before entering the dinner) then I’m absolutely puzzled about the fact that there are not more and better pics.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I don’t know; I remember someone getting ticked because John invited Larry Flynt to sit at their table, but it seems to me for the most part, people with legitimate talent and careers attended the dinner. Reality TV hadn’t taken over yet. (If we had only known then what we were in for!)

      But yeah, compared with all of the photos of today’s dinners, it’s odd that we only get one crummy photo of the two of them walking in. Same with that state dinner in 1998, where she’s wearing a suit with some kind of knit pashmina or something over it and her hair is parted in the middle. One photo! That’s all we ever saw of it.

  3. Jessika says:

    Oh, and I also read the story from the photographer who said that John kissed Carolyn when he saw him so that he would have a good picture. And I think he also stated something like him being the only photographer allowed near the table or at least the only one John “posed” for. I just can’t remember anymore where I read it (maybe I will find it in my books) and I had forgotten that it was at this dinner (as it is often with me, because I can’t link an event I read about with the pictures I know because I often don’t know when and at which event the pics were taken).

  4. Julia says:

    Picture No. 10 is one of my favorite CBK pics. I like the expression on her face and i love the ponytail, she looks very young and radiant on this picture ♥

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