May 15, 1997 – FAI Foundation Gala in Milan

They were headed to the FAI Foundation Gala in Milan in this set of photos.  I love this coat/dress combination a lot.  The jacket reminds me of the Yohji one she wore to the Municipal Art Society, only with a shinier material.

Some of these are the same shots, but of varying quality and size.  There are a few HQ ones in here too.

UPDATE: Jessika has information on what the FAI Foundation is all about, so please see the comments below!

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9 Responses to May 15, 1997 – FAI Foundation Gala in Milan

  1. Julia says:

    This was never one of my favorite outfits. The coat seems so gothic to me.

    • tmb1975 says:

      That’s why I’m thinking it might be a Yohji creation. Jessika was just saying that his collections now have a gothic feel to them. I love the material – I wonder what it was made of.

  2. Jessika says:

    I googled and found the event: it’s the FAI Foundation Gala.

    Info about the FAI:

    The FAI (Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano), an Italian Environment Fund, is a non-profit organization founded 1975, fully engaged in the recovery and preservation of the beauties, both natural and architectural, in Italy.

    FAI acquires – through donation, bequest, conservation easement, or purchase – properties of historical, artistic, or environmental importance, and works to ensure their long-term safety through a scrupulous policy of protection.

    FAI owns historic homes, villas, castles, parks, and monasteries; many of these buildings feature significant frescoes, art collections, libraries, and gardens, as well as properties of great beauty and environmental importance in some of the loveliest parts of Italy.

    FAI brings its treasures back to life, by offering a rich variety of cultural and education events at its properties, encompassing everything from music, theater and art exhibits to gardening, sports and outdoor activities.

    FAI invites the public to visit our properties; part of our mission is to acquaint the public with these beautiful landmarks.

    They also got an American spin-off:

    Friends of FAI is an American nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster in the United States a deeper appreciation of and support for the preservation of buildings and properties of architectural and environmental significance located in the Republic of Italy.

    Friends of FAI (FoF) is an American nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster in the United States a deeper appreciation of and support for the preservation of buildings and properties of architectural and environmental significance located in the Republic of Italy.
    FoF recognizes the artistic, architectural, historical and environmental heritage of Italy as an international resource of priceless value.

    FoF supports the programs and activities of FAI (Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano), one of Italy’s leading nonprofit organizations, in its efforts to restore, preserve and open to the public a wealth of important Italian monuments and properties, as part of FoF’s broader objectives.

    FoF organizes numerous events, including conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and concerts in the United States, and tours in Italy, to promote FoF’s mission to spread understanding of and appreciation for Italian culture.

    FoF invites Americans to visit Italy and discover the precious treasurers saved by FAI..

    Marella Agnelli – Honorary Chairman

    Board of Advisory Trustees
    Lynn de Rothschild – Chairman
    Giorgio Armani
    Anna Bulgari
    Chiara Ferragamo

    So that explains probably why Carolyn and John were there. As you can see in the American support organization board, there are people from the fashion industry supporting them.
    So does at least one member of the Agnelli family, also known as the Kennedys of Italy.
    And we know about Giovanni Agnelli and Jackie, right? 😉

    • tmb1975 says:

      Ah, thank you! My folder said faimilan, and I had no idea what that meant. I’ll edit the post!

    • tmb1975 says:

      I updated it to say they were at the FAI Foundation Gala, but asked that readers check the comments to find out what it’s all about. Is that OK?

      I wonder if the rumors about Jackie and Giovanni are true? :-0

      • Jessika says:

        Of course it is ok.
        Giovanni and Jackie? Probably not. She liked strong, influential, rich men. So he fit right into her pattern, but she was married to JFK at the time she met him and I don’t think that she would have done that. He was a family friend. Possibly he and Jackie had (platonic) flirt. I can imagine that.

      • tmb1975 says:

        After reading passages from some Kennedy book I gave away, I had to wonder how she stayed with JFK. I know she had an image to keep up, but ugh, the details of his venereal diseases were disturbing. It wasn’t really a salacious book either, so I tended to believe the author.

  3. Jessika says:

    Not that this is a surprise but I love the outfit. It’s a very unusual thing to wear, some kind of a coat-dress, Wonder what she wore underneath it…;-)
    As you mention Yohji (was it one of his designs? it looks like it): You know what I sometimes do? I look at Yohji’s newer collections in order to find something that Carolyn would wear. And although he’s become a bit gothic these days (at least that’s what it looks like to me), I always find something where I say: Yeah, Carolyn would have tried that.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I’ve done a little of that too. I’ll take a look once in awhile and wonder if she would have worn something or not. I wonder if her style would have changed as she got older.

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