Random, undated photos

I have had these scattered throughout my folders for some time now, so I’m going to put most of them in this post.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1-2 are of Carolyn’s childhood home in Greenwich
  • 3-4 are of an apartment of some kind (originally thought to be a model of a loft similar to theirs, but it doesn’t appear that’s the case.  I’ll leave these up so you can see the strange painting on the wall.)
  • 5-6 are J & C with a group of friends in front of an aircraft
  • 7 is Carolyn with Marta, who was the cook and a companion for Jackie
  • 8-11 are various sizes and angles of a portrait taken of Carolyn with Caroline’s children
  • 12-13 are of Carole and Anthony Radziwill’s wedding in 1994 (John was best man and it looks like Caroline was a bridesmaid or just helping Carole with her dress)
  • 14 is a shot of Carolyn from what I’m assuming was the early 90s or even 80s
  • 15 is the same photo I used in the comparison of the leopard coat Carolyn gave RoseMarie.  This is the full photo with John beside her.
  • 16 is a caricature of the two of them by the famous caricaturist Al Hirschfeld
  • 17 was in a tabloid and the photo was labeled John and Carolyn, but there is no way that’s her! It’s not Darryl either, so probably some girl John dated or maybe a friend.
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4 Responses to Random, undated photos

  1. Jessika says:

    Just adding my 2 cents:

    I think pictures of their apartment don’t show their apartment. I have seen pics (if these were the correct ones) and they didn’t look like this at all. There weren’t these slopes and nobody ever mentioned a fire place. They lived in 20 North Moore Street and allegedly in apartment 9E. If you google that you will find some pics of 9E and 8E. They fit to the pics I saw, but they’re not the exact ones I saw. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the pics and now I can’t find them anymore. But there was also one of the bedroom. The pics were up a couple of years ago when it was on sale again (so Ed and Christy don’t live there any more). And old Carolyn blog had a post:
    But somehow I don’t think that this is their loft. It seems too big. It has been said by friends that their apartment had one huge room (you could play football in), one bedroom, a small kind of bedroom where John kept his sports gear, and 2 baths (1 regular, 1 small). And nobody said that they lived on the top floor, or am I wrong? I fear this is also something we never know for sure, but if you look at the pics of 8E and 9E, then I think you can get a good idea of what their space looked like.

    The woman in the last pic is definitely not Carolyn and definitely not Daryl. I just read that John also dated a blonde model shortly during that time (I forgot her name and would have to look it up again), you know, when there was an off with Daryl and all that. But John dated a lot of women over the years, way more then the ones we’ve heard about. (There are also pics of him and a woman named Lisa Shields in 1991 (a pretty brunette with curly/wavy hair) and pics with at least 2 other brunettes (in one he was wearing a strange hat) who were not Julie Baker. So I guess the blonde is one of his many flings or just a friend.)

    Carole’s maid of honor was, as she wrote in “What Remains”, her sister Terri. I guess Caroline, as she and Anthony were really close, was maybe a bridesmaid (can you be one when you’re married already?) or her kids had some function (flower girls probably).

    Now the most important point: pics with a plane.
    First of all, on the pic you posted we can also see Rob Littell and his wife and their 2 kids, and Dan Sampson and his wife. His nickname was Pinky. He was the one who was supposed to pick Carolyn and John up on Hyannis and to drive them to the Kennedy compound. He was the one who called Carole because they failed to arrive. He is still involved with the Kennedy family or better with the Shrivers. He is the head of Lovin’ Scoopful Ice Cream. He founded it with Maria and Tim Shriver and 25% of their proceedings goes to the Special Olympics. (I find these still existing connections/friendships very interesting.) What I am trying to say is that I like to see the faces of people who we normally just read about, like Dan Samson. It gives Carolyn’s and John’s life a face. I like to see their friends. My opinion.

    Now, my opinion on plane pics might seem a bit harsh, so please don’t get offended (I don’t mean to offend anyone), but I want to share my thoughts:
    I think it would be wrong (the word is not quite right but I can’t think of any better; maybe absurd?) not to show any pics of them around a plane. Not only would it make a blog about Carolyn incomplete, but also, I think, it would be silly. It has been 13 years now and we should finally come to terms with it. What do you do when someone died because his car crashed into a tree? Never look at cars and trees again?
    Flying was a big part of John’s life and of Carolyn’s too. They flew so often over the years, it was to them like driving a car. And most importantly: they BOTH loved it. Carolyn even wanted to take lessons herself. And she loved the fact, as a friend quoted her, that she could be up there, all alone with John, talking with him without being interrupted and no paps to hunt them.
    When we start to avoid pics of planes, should we avoid pics of John? It was John, and this sadly is a fact, who caused the crash, not the plane. It was his fault.
    And what about pics of them in Hyannis Port, at the beach? They crashed into the ocean just a couple of miles from there. Should we not look at these pics too? This aren’t pics of bodies or caskets or something morbid, just two people enjoying a hobby that went wrong in the end. Nothing more and nothing less.
    I always have to think of the relatives and friends of people who, for example, make stunts or climb mountains. They (mostly) don’t hate the activity itself. Even when their loved one died way before his time, often they are happy that he or she did what they wanted to do and what they loved. Death is a part of life, and when we are closing ourselves off of talking about it or being confronted with it we just increase the horror.
    To me, it’s not a question of being tasteful, it’s a question of being free.
    I am totally ok with any decision you make, but that’s how I feel about it.

    • tmb1975 says:

      You are always insightful and a font of information, Jessika. I have no issues seeing John flying or near his beloved plane that he had before he bought the Piper. I actually love aviation and can understand why he enjoyed flying so much. At one point, I considered taking lessons myself, but after reading about how you have to stall the aircraft and recover it to get your license, I was like, “No way, no how.”

      I just remember there being some kind of mild upset on Ultimate Carolyn about some of the plane photos. I’ll just post what I’ve got. Most of them start in 1997 anyway, so they’ll be in keeping with the timeline.

      Those supposed loft photos were from Simply Carolyn, I think, and since I’d never seen their loft, assumed it was a model and they put that ugly painting on the wall for some unknown reason. Maybe it was just someone’s apartment and it was with the photos because of the painting. I’ll edit the post to reflect that and Caroline not being Carole’s matron of honor.

  2. Julia says:

    Picture No.7: Do you see the postcard on the fridge behind Carolyn? It shows a bavarian guy in leather trousers, you could see only his butt… I could imagine that this postcard is from Lisa, who studied in Munich/Bavaria for a while. This kind of “Lederhosen” is typical for this region.

    • tmb1975 says:

      Good eye! I didn’t even notice that. I swear, all of you see the details and I am completely oblivious!

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