July 15, 1997 – Shopping on Madison Ave. with a young friend

I’ve wondered for awhile who this little girl with Carolyn was, but no one seemed to know.  I don’t think you even needed to know Carolyn to tell that she was great with kids.  Every photograph I have seen of her with children shows how protective and sweet she was with them.

Her hair is gorgeous here.  This must have been around the time the Vanity Fair photos were taken because the cut looks very similar.  I’ll probably post those next as I know they were taken in ’97.

I also like the different sunglasses and the wicker bag is unusual.

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2 Responses to July 15, 1997 – Shopping on Madison Ave. with a young friend

  1. Jessika says:

    Someone said once that the girl is Gordon Henderson’s daughter or in some other way related to him. But I don’t believe that.
    She could be related to Gustavo Paredes, the son of Provi.
    He is of columbian heritage and married an African-American woman named Elizabeth Alexander in 1993. So the ethnicity would fit. The child could have been born before marriage.
    It’s just because we haven’t seen John and Carolyn with other colored friends. But than again we probably haven’t seen a lot of their friends…

    • tmb1975 says:

      It seems like the friends who wrote books or managed to get into photos with them are the only ones we know of. I had never even heard of Sasha (forgot her last name) until her photos and article were published in People in 2009. So yes, maybe this was Provi’s granddaughter.

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