Summer 1997 – Kayaking

I would think they were in Hyannis here, but my folder only says Summer 1997, so I’m not entirely sure.

Carolyn was a good sport to go along with this.  I’d be terrified to kayak! What if you tip over? How the heck do you get the thing upright again?

Do any of you kayak? It looks like a good workout.

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2 Responses to Summer 1997 – Kayaking

  1. Jessika says:

    If you tip over you have to do the Eskimo roll! 😀
    Of course, I couldn’t do it because I have neither the experience nor the strength and would simply drown.
    I never kayaked but would like to do it one day. It could build up my arm strength, which is nearly non existent.
    But I don’t think that Carolyn actually enjoyed it that much. I know there is another pic of her kayaking, but I think she did it mainly because John loved it so much.

    • tmb1975 says:

      The only way you’d get me in one of those is if it had an eject button, so if I was tipping, I’d be free of it immediately!

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