John and Carolyn’s “favorites” article

This was from a tabloid and is no doubt at least 90% full of baloney, but it’s kind of an interesting read nonetheless.  Maybe some of these were actually favorites of theirs.  I know Bubby’s was.

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  1. Jessika says:

    Let’s see what I “know” about this:
    John adored Mick Jagger since he’s been a teen (he thought Mick was one of the coolest people ever) and loved the song “Sympathy For The Devil”, which he used to sing along to. Also he was a big fan of Wyclef Jean (so that’s were they got The Fugees from) and because he was Wyclef was asked to sing “Many Rivers To Cross” at the Memorial, one of John’s favorite songs.
    John (and Carolyn) often went to Walker’s with their friends.
    John was often seen at Knicks games.
    I guess they got blue as his favorite color because his wedding suit was blue and his button flower, the favorite flower of his father, was the cornflower, which is blue too.
    His hobbies are a no-brainer.
    The owner of “La Palestra” was one of John’s friends and John had a membership there (the owner was also guest at Caroline’s party for John and Carolyn after their honeymoon, at that time he dated Julia Roberts).
    He also had great respect and admiration for Dr. King and Mother Teresa.
    He once said, or a friend of his said, that his favorite movie was Broadway Danny Rose.
    Muhammed Ali was his biggest hero (besides his father I guess).
    He often wore his dad’s watch, also at the wedding. That’s obvious too, it’s something extremely emotional.
    He had a 1967 Pontiac GT at the Red Gate Farm (there are pics of him in it). He and Carolyn and their friends would often cruise around in it. It even had a nickname but I forgot what it was (“beast”?).
    Well, the baseball team is also obvious (as a New Yorker), but he really wasn’t a big baseball fan according to friends (the night before his death he’s been at a Yankees game because he was invited by Yankees owner George Steinbrenner).
    As a huge football fan, he would regularly watch Monday Night Football (his friends told that).
    John also was a client of Frederic Fekkai (Fekkai allegedly also set up a blind date for him with Janice Dickinson in 1993).
    As a music fan, John also loved the Rolling Stone magazine and was friends with it’s founder Jann Wenner (and Caroline still is). He wanted George Magazine to become the Rolling Stone of politics.
    In his interview with Barbara Walters he was asked what his favorite vegetable is. He answered “Spinach.”
    Well, the Carolyn things are obvious.
    Except for the ones we know are true (Brad Johns, Prada & Yohji) the newspaper made the pretty simple (and silly) assumption that things she once wore, owned, used, were her favorites:
    Lily of the valley were her bridal bouquet.
    Of course, every rich, fashionable, society woman has to love champagne (???).
    The color is obvious too.
    Emerald because of her engagement ring (people at that time said it were emeralds, also they are green=irish=Kennedys).
    And the favorite clothes and shoes are the things she said in that interview before she was with John, were she wore the white shirt and jeans.
    Jogging, because she allegedly met John while jogging in Central Park (which we know now isn’t true).
    I wonder where they’ve got the other stuff from (Simpsons? Artichoke? Martha Stewart Living???). But the masseuse and spa treatment thing sounds very specific. So specific that it makes me curious.
    Coming to “Theirs”:
    Bubby’s we know and The Independent I have read often from friends of theirs.
    John liked Seinfeld (he had the episode about him recorded by friends).
    Forever In My Life was their wedding song.
    And kayaking was about the only sport they have been seen doing together.
    The rest is typical, standard stuff (movies, pizza). Whoever wrote this could have been a little bit more creative if you ask me. 😉
    Also, Central Park is obvious. I think the writer choose Strawberry Fields because it seemed romantic (from woman whose husband has been shot=JFK connection). I’m surprises they didn’t write “Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir” but that would have been too obvious probably. 😉

    • Jessika says:

      Corrections: where not “were”, chose not “choose”, from a woman not “from woman” and surprised not “surprises”. Sorry, all this studying makes my brain limp. 😀

    • tmb1975 says:

      Wow! I couldn’t list half of that. You really know your stuff. 😉

  2. Jessika says:

    Well, what can I say, it’s a talent. 😀

  3. Socalnocalgal says:

    Martha Stewart Living, seriously… I’m not prepared to believe that.
    By the way, very impressive, Jessika.

    • tmb1975 says:

      Me neither! I remember one of the books saying she loved to read fashion magazines, and we’ve seen photos of her carrying W and Marie Claire. So nope, I’m not buying it either. 😉

  4. Jessika says:

    Thank you @ Socalnocalgal. I guess? I know it’s pathetic to know so much about people I really don’t know and never met. Maybe I should get a life…;-)
    Weren’t you at Ultimate Carolyn too?
    Anyway, I can’t get over the Martha Stewart Living thing. How came that to their mind? Has Carolyn been seen once buying it? I just can’t imagine that anyone would make that up. When you know that a woman likes to shop, wears a lot of high class designers and worked in fashion you would at least say Vogue. I mean it’s like saying she loves the Knitting Magazine.
    But maybe the newspaper or magazine that published this comes from the same publisher as Martha Stewart Living and they wanted to do a little advertising and raise sales with writing that.
    It’s the only reasonable explanation! 😀

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