October 1997 – Black leather jacket and brown cords

These were marked as October, but I can’t tell what month it is here.  John’s dressed like it’s a summer day and Carolyn is dressed like it’s fall.

Anyway, they took a stroll around Tribeca to get John’s bike and pick up a few magazines.  She really knew how to pair those brown cords with just the right thing to make them so very chic.  The famous photos of her wearing them with a black turtleneck and carrying the Birkin are coming up soon.

Many of these are very HQ.

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9 Responses to October 1997 – Black leather jacket and brown cords

  1. Jessika says:

    The store John is coming out of says “Winter Clothing Sale”.
    But the biggest clue: in the sixth pic you can see that John is holding the Marie Claire magazine. On the cover is Laetitia Casta. I googled and found this:
    The first pic in the third row from the bottom is exactly this cover. It’s the US Marie Claire from November 1997. So, October 1997 is right! 😉

    • Jessika says:

      You can buy the issue on Ebay.
      If it wouldn’t be so extremely expensive I would buy it just to see and read what Carolyn was reading and looking at. Just to know.
      Wow, how creepy is that? 😀

      • tmb1975 says:

        Used magazines on ebay are outrageously expensive. I tried to find a Newsweek from 1992 and they wanted $18 not including shipping for it. What a joke.

        I’d rather find a magazine with Carolyn in it, such as W, Bazaar, Vogue or Allure from the 90s. 😀

      • Jessika says:

        The cheapest of the 2 Marie Claire mags from Nov. 1997 offered on Ebay would cost me nearly 40$, shipping included.
        No, thanks. I’m not that rich. 😉

    • tmb1975 says:

      Yay, I actually had something right! Wow, that is some real sleuthing work. I didn’t even think to look around them. Usually I look at her outfit and hair, Friday and maybe what John’s wearing and that’s it. Bill Clinton could be in the background of a photo and I wouldn’t notice. 😛

  2. Jessika says:

    Also: John’s “shoes”. Their like a bad car crash: it’s horrible to see but you just can’t look away. How could Carolyn let that happen?!? 😀

  3. Lara says:

    One thing you do have to give Carolyn credit for is that she just let John be John. There are several other outfits (moon and stars anyone?) where you don’t really know what to say. Of course, she would have known better but she didn’t censor him, which I actually think is a strength.

    • tmb1975 says:

      Yeah, you really do. Or she may have battled with him initially to dress nicely and then just gave up. When I first met my husband, I gave him a little help in the style department, but it all went out the window when he began working from home. He likes his grey tees and shorts (he will wear them all winter long because he’s always hot, but I make him wear jeans if it’s very cold out!) and I don’t bother saying anything anymore. I only ask him to wear a nicer t-shirt and jeans if we’re going somewhere like to visit his family or mine.

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