1997 – Random photo

I don’t know where she was here (maybe Hyannis?), but I think this fits in with the fall/winter 1997 photos we’re heading into now.

I purposely altered the lighting on the second photo so you could see what she was wearing.  The other one just looked like a black blur on my screen.

This is the outfit I would wear every day if I could, except maybe to switch in jeans once in awhile.  This is the quintessential Carolyn casual look, in my opinion.  Khakis with a Birkin and black sweater is just classic.

The first and second photos can be expanded a bit more.

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One Response to 1997 – Random photo

  1. Jessika says:

    She is wearing a ring on her right ring finger that is not her engagement ring.
    Dammit, I’d love to see it properly.
    This is again one of the occasions where there is only one pic existing although there must have been dozens taken.

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