November 12, 1997 – Infamous paparazzi scene

This was a bad day for Carolyn, as when she was trying to walk through the paps, she asked them not to get so close and the idiot says, “Then don’t walk toward me.”  How exasperating.

A few of these are very HQ.

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5 Responses to November 12, 1997 – Infamous paparazzi scene

  1. Jessika says:

    If you look at the 12th pic, there are three people in the window of Bubby’s. One guy looks at the direction of the camera and the other two, a boy and a girl, look into the direction of the paps. I can’t quite describe the look upon their faces, but it says something like: “What is going on there? What do these people want? What kind of idiots are they?” It’s like their looking at a car crash and their looks are quite disgusted, derogative. I bet they felt pity for Carolyn, although they probably didn’t know that is was her. But there eyes say that they don’t understand why this woman is chased by photographers and that they find these people rather pathetic. At least that’s how it looks like to me…

  2. Jessika says:

    Here are 2 links to the video you were mentioning (for free!) 😉 :

    [video src="" /]

  3. Dagny says:

    Thanks for posting these, along with the video. I have always wondered what her voice sounded like — do you know of any other videos in which we hear her speak?
    Great site by the way! I was hoping somebody would post a site with all the photos listed by date.

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