November 6, 1997 – Whitney Warhol Gala

I believe one of these was the first photo I saw of Carolyn at a formal event.  Of course my jaw dropped at what I thought was her dress, but it actually turned out to be a shirt and skirt combo.  Genius, as always.

Many of these are HQ and there are a ton of photos and stills from this event.

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2 Responses to November 6, 1997 – Whitney Warhol Gala

  1. Jessika says:

    I love the look of Carolyn’s face here. This is my favorite makeup look of hers. She looks so aristocratic. The flawless ivory skin, the thing she did with her lashes and the perfect red lipstick. It makes her stunning blue eyes stand out even more. And although I preferred her eyebrows a bit thicker, here the ultra thin eyebrows are exactly right for the look.
    And I can’t say it often enough: if anyone owns the video material from which the stills are from, please share it with us!!!

  2. Jo says:

    I love this make-up look too. And I have to say that I like the pencil thin eyebrows. I don’t have brows that thin, but I really like them. Doubtful she would have them today (no one does), but I still like thin, sculpted brows. It’s probably because my whole sense of style and beauty was developed in the 90’s when they were the trend. I’m actually sort of waiting for them to come back– don’t revoke my CBK style card.

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