A few videos of Carolyn speaking

I may not be able to upload videos without paying here on WordPress, but I can link to Photobucket!

The first is of Carolyn at the Fire & Ice Ball (which I will post pictures of in the coming weeks):


The second is of her at the Newman’s Own/George awards in 1999.  She says “I think it’s sort of fabulous.  I hope they’re all sitting with me.”  This was in response to Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward attending these awards.  (These photos will come later as they are some of the last ones I have of them.)


And the third is the same one from yesterday, where she’s asking the paparazzi politely to give her some space and the pap responds “Then don’t walk toward me.”  That guy deserved a kick in the shins.


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5 Responses to A few videos of Carolyn speaking

  1. Dagny says:

    Thank you so much for posting these! 🙂
    Even though it was terrible for one of the wedding guests to film and then sell the wedding video, I really wish now that I had gone ahead and seen it. It is one thing to see a person in still life via photos, and another seeing how they move or talk in real life.
    Once again, great web site!

    • Jo says:

      I never saw the wedding video either, but from what I understand there wasn’t a whole lot to see (due to the candlelight), so I doubt you missed anything. I’d like to see more of that old Calvin Klein video where she was Polaroiding model and laughing. And what I really, really want to see is the Lifetime Intimate Portrait documentary that nobody (even Lifetime) seems to have. Can’t wait for that thing to resurface.

  2. Dagny says:


    I looked at Tvguides episode guide for Lifetime’s An Intimate Portrait list, and did not see one for Carolyn but did see one for John. Was there an additional one on just her alone? If so, when do you think it aired? I did see that A&E’s Biography did a show on JFK Jr also, but I didn’t see one for Carolyn. I really wish somebody would put one out there on her — but without all of the misinformation and gossip that always seems to sell.

    Just watching the Paparazzi video made me realize how horrible it must have been for her.– she couldn’t even walk down the street or make a phone call with multiple people snapping photos and yelling obscene things at her to get her to react. I doubt I could have ever managed to live that way and would have preferred to stay locked up in my home. I feel so badly for her (and anyone out there that has to live like this).


    • tmb1975 says:

      I had no idea there was an Intimate Portrait of her! Darn, I really missed a lot of things they showed on TV about them.

      I’ve always said that if I were put into the position she was where she couldn’t walk down the street without people pestering her, I’d beg to move out of the country. But really, I think I would have bailed on the relationship before even getting married. I just wouldn’t be mentally strong enough to withstand that sort of scrutiny and criticism.

    • Jo says:

      Hi Dagny,

      I have no idea where that Lifetime Intimate Portrait is. I’m not even sure that it aired. But I do know it was in existence because I actually called the station to order a copy a few years back (I was working at another studio at the time so it seemed like a legit request– hee hee) and was told they couldn’t release it. I also saw it pop up on some chicks resume years ago, so I really do think it exists. Maybe in time they’ll air it, but who knows it may forever be my white whale (or blonde whale as it were). 😉


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