August 28, 1997 – Carolyn on the phone at the airport

I just found something that said this photo was taken on August 28, 1997 at Martha’s Vineyard Airport.  It seems odd that she’d be dressed so warmly, but it does get cool near the water.

Anyway, what a pain to not be able to make a simple phone call without someone taking your photo.

Several fairly HQ photos are in here.

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6 Responses to August 28, 1997 – Carolyn on the phone at the airport

  1. Anne says:

    How would you describe Carolyn’s style? Sometimes I think it is preppy chic, but then it seems as if it is more chic than preppy.

  2. Jessika says:

    Does anyone know what it is she is holding?

    • Anne says:

      I had to look at that for a while because I didn’t know what it was either. I think it may be an address book.

  3. Jessika says:

    @Anne: I would describe Carolyn’s style as “Urban Chic”.

  4. Dagny says:

    I have been thinking about her classification of style myself and based on her favorite designers and the pieces she wore, she falls into the categories of Chic and Avant-Garde. Both Calvin Klein and Narciso Rodriguez are in the “chic” category, whereas Yohji Yamamoto and Ann Demeulemeester are considered “avant-garde”. Both of these styles blend nicely together and allow for her to have an interesting, unique, timeless, yet “in the moment” look depending on what she wore and how she wore them. She also had a great ability to dress appropriately for a given situation, which is sorely lacking in society today.

    The “chic” side gives her that monochromatic, sleek,clean, stylish foundation and she would use accessories to bring out her personality (her coats, clutches, scarves, hats, shoes), which the “chic” style is known for. This foundation of clothing could also make her appear “classic” in style, but she did not always go for the timeless cuts that a pure “classic” would choose and she would wear something that was more fashionable (her pants have a flair, her Prada coats have the trendy pockets, she wore fun and stylish shoes, etc).

    The “avant-garde” side gives her that in-the-moment, slightly edgy, unique, artistic choices that she would wear out to events. She was not a pure “avant-garde”, hence her sleek/chic silhouettes, but it would have been interesting to see how this part of her fashion sense would have evolved throughout the years. Personally, I doubt she would have ever been a full “avant-garde”, as it would probably seem a bit too costumey or “out there” for her — but we may have seen more asymmetrical hemlines, zippers, draping, wrapping, etc. in her eveningwear choices and perhaps some in her daytime ensembles as well.

    I also noticed that prior to the marriage, her clothing was more unique (and personal), but after the marriage her choices became less stylish due to the paparazzi — in What Remains it says she tried to dress “boring” so the photographers would stop shooting photos. But the “boring” style she chose was very minimalistic — the perfect foundation for “chic” — and was still stylish (and still is!). When you look at her private moments at home, the large events and her vacation moments (away from the paps) you could see her personality expressed in the clothing she wore — including more color.


  5. Jo says:

    Work it, girl! Serving it up at the pay phone. Yes!

    And that is serious hair. I think it was Plum Sykes of Vogue magazine who suggested that she got her blonde retouched every 13 days– this must have been day 2. Love it.

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