November 22, 1997 – Buckeye lessons

In this set, they were at the home of a man who sold John a Buckeye Ultralight powered parachute.

The only large photos are the last two, unfortunately.

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2 Responses to November 22, 1997 – Buckeye lessons

  1. Jessika says:

    This was the 34th anniversary of his father’s death. Strange that he did this on that particular date…
    This is also the occasion on which he lost the hat his mother gave him shortly before she died (it was said that it was her last gift to him before her death) and was so devastated that Carolyn didn’t rest until she found it in a car.
    They both have actually been there because John wanted Carolyn to try the Buckeye because he wanted to trade his single-seat machine into a two-seater. After her first flight with the instructor she had a huge smile on her face and John ran to her saying: “You liked it, didn’t you?” And she said she did. So he decided to trade his buckeye for a two-seat Dream Machine so that Carolyn could join him on future flights. (There is a little account on this occasion told by Lloyd Howard, the father of Christopher, the guy flying with Carolyn and the director of the Buckeye firm, in “American Legacy”.)

  2. Jo says:

    Um, yeah, no… just no. I’m not going up in the Buckeye, cute husband or not. That’s just me.
    I would look for the hat though. 🙂

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