MAC Ruffian Red lipstick

Does anyone remember back in 2009, Ultimate Carolyn posted about the designer Ruffian’s fall collection and special MAC lipstick named Ruffian Red? At the time it was only available to those who attended the show, but guess what? MAC is releasing a Ruffian collection, including the red lipstick along with some other products.

Although according to this blog, the red lipstick was inspired by a red lacquer Chinese vase, WWD reported that “American royalty was channeled with hair and makeup inspired by classic beauty, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, at Ruffian’s 2009 fall showcase which drew from both French-and American-inspired looks.”

Head over to Musings of a Muse for information and photos on the upcoming collection.  It is released on June 18, and I will be buying that red ASAP!!

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4 Responses to MAC Ruffian Red lipstick

  1. Jo says:

    Yes, the designer said that that season’s look was totally inspired by CBK. I’ll send you the MAC face chart to post.

  2. Jessika says:

    Can it be that the lipstick that’s coming out now is not the same red as in the show? The show’s lipstick was a brighter red while the one that’s coming out now is a darker blue red…

    • tmb1975 says:

      Never trust what you see in MAC’s promo pictures until you visit a beauty blog and see swatches.

      It’s entirely possible that the Ruffian artists mixed colors, but I never put any faith in the stock images MAC releases for its products.

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