January 3, 1998 – Michael Kennedy’s funeral

1998 did not start off well for the Kennedys.  Michael Kennedy was killed on December 31, 1997 when he was playing football on skis with other members of the family.  He was not wearing a helmet or other safety gear and hit a tree.

These are the photos of Carolyn and John attending his funeral Mass.

On a side note, photo number 16 became the American media’s go-to shot for every time they posted a rumor of John and Carolyn having an unhappy marriage or possibly separating/divorcing.  It was seriously pathetic.

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One Response to January 3, 1998 – Michael Kennedy’s funeral

  1. Jessika says:

    It’s moving to see how devastated they both were. Carolyn had obviously cried heavily.
    But what I find most touching is to see the pain on John’s face. This is very unusual for him. In the video material that I have seen of the funeral, there is a scene when they take the casket out of the hearse and John is standing there. He looks so sad. He didn’t even look that way at his mother’s funeral. It must have been a terrible shock…

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