January 6, 1998 – Altercation with pap at Teterboro Airport

Carolyn had really had enough after attending Michael Kennedy’s funeral and then having to deal with a paparazzo stalking them in the airport on their way back to NYC.  I mean, c’mon, the two of them are returning from a somber event and this woman couldn’t just snap a couple of quick photos and scram? (It would be nice if she didn’t take any, but we all know how the paps operate.)

Anyway, I heard that Carolyn spit in the face of this woman, but it looks to me that in picture #13, the pap is crying and not wiping spit off her face.

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5 Responses to January 6, 1998 – Altercation with pap at Teterboro Airport

  1. Jessika says:

    I think it is spit that she is wiping off her face. Why would she cry? Laura Cavanaugh was, with Ken Katz and Angie Coqueran, the most persistent pap. She constantly followed them, everywhere. I don’t think she was capable of any such emotions as crying, except maybe when she missed a good shot.

  2. Jessika says:

    Also, Carolyn is wearing an interesting ring.

  3. lara says:

    Definitely spit, she wasn’t crying. Carolyn caught flack for that, but I personally don’t see anything wrong with it.

  4. ruth says:

    By spitting on the pap she is lowering herself to their level.

    • tmb1975 says:

      It wasn’t the best way to handle things, but they were coming back from a funeral and she had been hounded by this woman (I’ve seen photos where she was following them) for at least 2-3 years by this point, so she probably just snapped. I really don’t know how celebs deal with this nonsense. I’d be ready to blow my stack after one day of it, even if I was Angelina Jolie and making big money!

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