April 2, 1998 – Riverkeeper benefit

There aren’t that many photos of this event compared to some of the others, but there are some nice HQ ones in this batch.

Note the Yohji jacket, which will make another appearance later on in another set of photos.

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5 Responses to April 2, 1998 – Riverkeeper benefit

  1. Jessika says:

    I love the two pieces she is wearing here. A long silk skirt (silk skirts are very sexy to me in every length, and yes, I have a little fettish ;-)) and the jacket with the button line and the nice standing collar. Also that these two pieces are made of different fabrics is great. People with less taste probably would have gone all silk.
    Also, weren’t there rumors that she was pregnant because of the way she is holding her hand on her belly? I think it’s also what the French text says.
    Silly, because she clearly does it because the jacket has a wide cut in the belly area and it was probably windy that day so she didn’t want the jacket to blow up and make her look like the Marshmallow Man. But well, the press…

    • tmb1975 says:

      I remember those rumors. It’s so ridiculous how they do it to any celebrity that holds a hand across their stomach or has a little bloat. It’s a constant barrage of pregnancy rumors in the media here.

      This was a nice outfit, but I loved the jacket paired with the white skirt. That’s coming up soon.

  2. Jessika says:

    Also, on a sad note, this was at the World Trade Center.
    Does anyone know how close their apartment was to the WTC? I think I once read that the effects (the dust etc.) were visible on North Moore Street…

    • Anne says:

      North Moore St. is about half a mile to one mile, north of the WTC, so there definitely would have been dust blown in that area, but not completely covered like what was seen in the immediate surrounding area.

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