May 28, 1998 – Profiles in Courage Award Ceremony

I loved the sleeve design on this dress, and the shoes too.  A few of these are very high resolution, so right click and open in a new window so you can zoom in and see the detailing.

The last two photos are of the picture they put near the guestbook at their memorial.  It was such a sweet shot of the two of them.  😦

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4 Responses to May 28, 1998 – Profiles in Courage Award Ceremony

  1. Anne says:

    Photo three is one of my favorite photos of Carolyn and John. She looks beautiful dressed up but with her hair down. Plus she looks really happy and relaxed here.

    • tmb1975 says:

      I know! This is a beautiful set of photos of them. And the sleeves on that jacket are just so unusual and intricate.

      It’s so hard to believe you’re looking at 14 year old photos of them, because they could so easily be from 2012.

      PS – something tells me the reason she always looked happier at events like this is because the photographers stood at a distance and were respectful. They weren’t just feral paparazzi off the street.

  2. Anne says:

    Yes, the detailing on the sleeves is gorgeous. I had never noticed it before these photos, so thank you!

  3. Julia says:

    These pics are my alltime favorite from her!!!! She looks perfect!!!!!!!

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