August 8, 1998 – Christiane Amanpour’s wedding

Christiane was a college friend of John’s and John and Carolyn traveled to Italy to attend Christiane’s wedding to James Rubin.

When I say it this time, I really mean it – this is my FAVORITE Carolyn formal look of all time.  Seriously – it edges out the Grand Central Terminal dress (coming up in October of ’98) by a smidge.  This Yohji ruched dress paired with the strappy Manolo heels, the sleek blonde bun and really red lipstick just seal the deal.  The handsome man on her arm and the Italian background doesn’t hurt either.  In these photos, she really does look like Grace Kelly to me.

There are some doubles in this batch, but I left them in because of subtle variances in color/quality.  Many of these are HQ, and are well worth right clicking on and saving to your computer!

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6 Responses to August 8, 1998 – Christiane Amanpour’s wedding

  1. Julia says:

    It seems that it was not easy to climb the cobbled street with her heels 😉

  2. It’s my favorite too! Lovely set of pictures, but disappointed there’s none with the bride or groom. Those screencaptures from TG1 and ET, do you have the video or only these pictures?

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  4. Ann Marie says:

    I agree completely, I love this one!

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