1998 – Walking with some young friends

There was no month on these, but I’m going to put them in with the October photos since they do have a fall vibe.

FYI: Reader Jessika thinks these are John Perry Barlow’s daughters, and their ages (which she lists in her comment) seem to fit.  He and John were good friends, so it makes sense that she would hang out with his kids sometimes.  Can you imagine how cool it would be if you were a kid and go to go shopping with Carolyn? Especially for a teenager!

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2 Responses to 1998 – Walking with some young friends

  1. Jessika says:

    I always guessed that these girls are John Perry Barlow’s daughters. In 1998 they were 17 (Leah Justine), 15 (Anna Winter) and 13 (Amelia). It would fit, don’t you think?

    • tmb1975 says:

      Yeah, they seem around that age. The youngest looks like she’s 10 but I’m bad at trying to figure out ages!

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