Addendum to Christiane Amanpour post

I realized thanks to reader Rachel’s comment that I didn’t post the link to the video where some of the screen captures on the Amanpour post came from.  Here it is, although it’s in Italian:

And while I’ve seen a photo of Christiane and her husband at their wedding, I can’t locate it.  I did come up with one, however, and Rachel found a few more of her with Jamie Rubin, her husband.  She’s a classy woman:



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3 Responses to Addendum to Christiane Amanpour post

  1. You’re incredibly sweet. I love John’s friendship with Christiane, they seem to have been quite close, especially since they spent his last weekend together.
    Here are a few pictures if you were looking for one:

    • tmb1975 says:

      Thank you for the photos, Rachel! I’m on my ipad now so I can’t add it just yet but when I get on my PC tomorrow, I’ll put it in. I’d never even seen these before!

  2. Anne says:

    I love her veil. Very pretty and classic.

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