People Magazine article from July 20, 2009

This article was in the Michael Jackson tribute issue of People, and contained photographs and reminiscences from John’s friend Sasha Chermayeff.  This particular issue was (at least for me) grim and depressing between the cover and the 10 year anniversary of Carolyn, John and Lauren’s deaths.

The article gave me mixed feelings.  I loved the new photographs, but it depressed me because darnit, they were so robbed.  They were young and had incredible potential.  I just wonder what their “bucket lists” were and how many of those things they got to accomplish.

I feel this way about anyone who dies young, of course.  I guess it just brings it home even more when they are figures in the public eye that you are so used to seeing and hearing about.  (Lauren wasn’t, but from what I’ve read about her, she had a very bright future ahead.)

I scanned the Carolyn photos in at a higher resolution and cropped those, and also had two other ones that I think appeared in a foreign magazine with the same article.  Those are all at the end of this gallery after the article.

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