May 1, 1999 – White House Correspondents’ Dinner

This set contains some of the most famous photos of John and Carolyn.  I think they’re right up there with the wedding shots.  The one of her sitting on his lap is so darn bittersweet.

Her clamshell necklace was by Jean-Paul Gaultier.  Oh, and in photos 11 and 12, she is smiling at a child who was running up to her.  Another bittersweet photo, in my opinion.

There are some HQs in this batch.

Note: photos 11-12 are from

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2 Responses to May 1, 1999 – White House Correspondents’ Dinner

  1. Julia says:

    Do you know where Carolyn was living in NYC before she moved in with John?

    • tmb1975 says:

      I’m sure it’s in the Bergin book, but since I never bought it, I don’t know. I tried looking it up on Amazon and found mentions of her apartment, but it wouldn’t let me see the page where it specifically mentions it.

      I’m not much of a Carolyn historian, I’m afraid. I just love studying her style in the photos. :-O

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