May 19, 1999 – Newman’s Own/George Awards part I

This was held at the US Customs House in NYC and she’s wearing another Yohji creation here.  I remember this outfit getting some criticism from gossip magazines.  It wasn’t my favorite, but it grew on me a little bit as time went on.  I do love the gold sandals she paired with it.

Since this is a huge set, I’ll be splitting this up into four posts.  And I apologize for the lack of order, but once again there were just too many and it was mind-boggling to try and sort them all.  Plus my photo software was doing wonky things when I attempted to renumber them.

Also note that she’s carrying the same little Comme des Garçons pouch she used at the Blue Room premiere earlier in the year.

There are plenty of HQs in here.

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