Honeymoon photo backstory

This is an interesting honeymoon photo because I read in American Legacy that as much as they tried to keep the location of their honeymoon private, somehow the Globe found out that they were in Istanbul and dispatched one of their pests over there.

John spotted the photographer and kissed Carolyn’s hand to give the guy his shot so he’d buzz off.  I’m including scans from the book (you might need to right click and open in a new window to make them larger and clearer) along with the photo.  There’s a cute little part about how they got matching shamrock tattoos on their rumps before leaving for Turkey.  😛

Also note his Greyfield Inn t-shirt.

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2 Responses to Honeymoon photo backstory

  1. qb says:

    I own the book American Legacy and I think it is the best book written about JFK jr And Carolyn. Most importantly, it refutes Michael Bergin and his book!

    • tmb1975 says:

      Yes, I liked it too. It wasn’t sensationalist like so many other books about them and I was happy to see it refuted at least one of Bergin’s claims!

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