Some larger/better quality Carolyn photos

With the magazines I got from ebay awhile back, I found photos that were already in my folders, but decided to scan them in at a much better resolution.  I went back and switched out the old photos for the new (some are from the honeymoon, the ’97 Whitney, etc.), but figured I’d also put them in a new post for you all to see.  They still will have a grainy quality since they’re from magazines/tabloids, but they are a heck of a lot better than the small photos I had before!

There are also some from another site that are just better quality than what I had before, and the last photo in this gallery is from a magazine cover.  I’ve had the photo for awhile and am not sure what event it was from.  Maybe the 1997 Municipal Art Society gala.

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  1. Jaqui says:

    Glad you did! I can see more detail!

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