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Remembering Carolyn’s future

Well everyone, the time has come to bring Remembering Carolyn to a close.  I had started this blog as an alternative to the Facebook page, because it’s not always easy to view photos on there.  It’s not user-friendly and tends … Continue reading

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Some close-ups of Carolyn

These are little pictures that I’d cropped from HQ photos and planned to use for a collage, but I figured I’d just make a photo gallery of them…

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Photo negatives from White House Correspondents’ Dinners

This is from the same man who shot the high quality photos of Carolyn and John at the ’97 and ’99 Correspondents’ Dinners.  His site is There seem to be a few that didn’t get developed into photographs.

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Touching article about Lauren Bessette

This man knew Lauren and I found his eulogy about her very interesting.  It sheds a little bit of light on what she was like, and she sounds a lot like her sister – very caring and a force of … Continue reading

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Photos from the Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy message board

I somewhat recently stumbled across this message board devoted to Carolyn and the girls over there are brilliant, because they somehow managed to find new photos! There are a few of them on a boat, one of Carolyn and John … Continue reading

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Carolyn’s jewelry

Carolyn didn’t really wear much jewelry, but what she did wear was always tasteful and never overdone.  I’ve read about the friendship ring she had with Carole Radziwill and always wondered if it was one of the rings she wore … Continue reading

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Carolyn’s bags and clutches

Just like RoseMarie’s book said, Carolyn bought quality pieces and reused them frequently.  Going by these photos, her most popular bags were the Birkin, the snakeskin clutch, the little Comme des Garçons pouch, and the Prada.  All were beautiful, of course.  … Continue reading

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Professional shot of them

This was from a trio of photos that they had in their loft.  I included a shot of it at the end of the gallery.  Richard Freeman (Carolyn’s stepdad) was the one who carried it out. While the photo is … Continue reading

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Photos of her from Bergin book

I really debated about putting these up.  I decided I would just crop out the schmuck and post the photos of her in a gallery.  Some of the ones I had saved were just close-ups of her anyway, so not … Continue reading

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New screenshots

I took these off some of the new videos I found on ABC where RoseMarie was talking about her book.  Nothing really very different here, except the quality is a bit better and I’d never seen any photos or screenshots … Continue reading

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