Carolyn Bessette Kennedy tribute magazine scans

This magazine came out shortly after their deaths and I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this on here, but I was more of a passing fan of JFK Jr. and Carolyn up until this point.  I didn’t buy tabloids and would enjoy the occasional article on Carolyn in People magazine, but I just didn’t pay a lot of attention as my tastes were different back then.

That all changed when I bought a couple of JFK Jr. tribute magazines to read and saw so many photos.  I went to the grocery store again and found a magazine dedicated completely to Carolyn, and picked it up.  Who knew that 13 years later, it would be selling for $60 and up on ebay? (Not that I’d ever part with my well-worn copy!)

Anyway, back in the Ultimate Carolyn days, I made scans of the entire magazine for them to post on the blog and I still have them, so here’s the magazine in its entirety, minus the ridiculous markup on ebay…

PS – You may need to open the photos in new tabs as opposed to viewing them in the gallery format so it will be easier to read the text.

The photos are after the jump…

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