Comment from Daily Mail article on Carolyn

This was from an article posted awhile ago when RoseMarie’s book came out, but I had forgotten to post it here.  I thought it was an interesting little tidbit:

“I was friends with Carolyn in college; she was a fun, party girl then, with a close circle of friends (I was on the periphery as I was dating her then boyfriend’s best friend) and always came across as “cold” to people outside her group, but she was really just shy – and people were always after her to be friends because she was so beautiful. She didn’t photograph well; in person she was luminescent. She tried modeling but because she photographed so poorly, it went nowhere. She was a nice person.”
– Linda, New York, US, 19/1/2012 21:18

It really surprised me to read that she was shy.  All accounts seemed to prove otherwise and that she seemed rather at ease with people, but she was much younger then and perhaps her job at Calvin Klein helped her to open up a bit more.

It also confirms the rumor that she was much more beautiful in person.  I can’t even imagine that because to me, she almost always looked great in photographs.  In person she must have looked like a da Vinci sculpture.  How lucky this woman was to have the opportunity to get to know her!

PS:  If this isn’t photographing well, then I need to burn every photo of me that exists!

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One Response to Comment from Daily Mail article on Carolyn

  1. lara says:

    Yeah, I agree…she “photographed so poorly, it went nowhere”? My impression was that modeling wasn’t provocative enough for her, she couldn’t sit still long enough, was what someone else wrote of her. This woman’s intentions were probably good, so I can let her pass, but I disagree with the sentiment.

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