Photos of her from Bergin book

I really debated about putting these up.  I decided I would just crop out the schmuck and post the photos of her in a gallery.  Some of the ones I had saved were just close-ups of her anyway, so not much cropping was needed.

She looked equally good with darker and lighter hair.  There was truly nothing Carolyn couldn’t pull off.

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2 Responses to Photos of her from Bergin book

  1. anne says:

    I had seen pictures of Carolyn before, but Bergin’s book was the first to delve into her personality. I read excepts of the it in the NY Daily News and was blown away by how passionately he wrote of their relationship so I had to buy the book. Yes, he didn’t paint her in an entirely good light but it seemed he was truely broken up about their relationship. It was a scandelous book and I can understand why many would be upset that he wrote it, and I am not sure why he did.

    • tmb1975 says:

      If he had just told their pre-John love story, it wouldn’t have been bad, but the revelations about the supposed abortions, smashing his VCR and the “affair” (which I doubt happened because there’s a passage in the American Legacy book that discredits one of his claims) were just too much. It is possible to write a non-scandalous book and have it be a success. Didn’t he even care that she had an entire family and friends left behind who were already dealing with enough grief? To make those allegations was just a really low blow, IMO. I think he wrote it because his career was washed up and he knew he could make a buck off their name. 😦

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