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Friday and Ruby photos

These are photos of Friday both before John and Carolyn died and photos of him and Ruby after they passed with Efigenio Pinheiro, Jackie’s longtime assistant who kindly took them in.  Friday died of cancer at age eight, and as … Continue reading

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Some Friday pictures

I scanned one of these from Carole Radziwill’s book and another from a magazine so we could see them both a little bit clearer.  He was a handsome devil.

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November 25, 1998 – Essex County Airport

This was John’s 38th birthday and the day before Thanksgiving.  I wonder if they spent the holiday with the Noonans again or someone else. Anyway, Carolyn looked pretty happy playing with Friday here, at least for awhile.  In the photos … Continue reading

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October 12, 1998 – At Teterboro Airport with Friday

This doesn’t look like a happy time.  I wonder if they got held up or something and then the paparazzi found them and swarmed around as usual?

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January 24, 1998 – A walk with John, a friend and Friday in the black Prada coat

This is the coat she gave to RoseMarie.  She’d switch up the look of it by either buckling it properly or just tying it around the waist. Photos two, three and 11 are higher resolution.

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January 10, 1998 – Walking with John and Friday in camel Prada coat

I don’t think this was a leisurely stroll for them as John has his camera out, photographing the paparazzi right back. Many of these are high resolution and of good quality.

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December 20, 1997 – A little magazine shopping

This is the last of my 1997 folders.  Here’s Carolyn (in another leopard coat – not the one she gave to RoseMarie), John and Friday picking up some magazines.  I wonder if they went on to do a little Christmas … Continue reading

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November 1997 – At the airport with Friday and Ruby

This set consists of the same shot with just different resolutions and quality. The first two are HQ.

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January 25, 1997 – Red Prada coat

I have to take you all back in time again because for some reason this folder was labeled 12/05/97. Anyway, I really don’t like these photos.  I love the coat and her entire ensemble, of course, but in most of … Continue reading

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October 18, 1997 – Breakfast at Bubby’s and a walk with Friday

It’s broken record time again, but this is another of my favorite looks.  The Prada coat and wallet, Alice headband, perfectly pressed bootcuts and sunglasses are just perfection. She’s carrying some suckers in case anyone is wondering what’s in her … Continue reading

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