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Professional shot of them

This was from a trio of photos that they had in their loft.  I included a shot of it at the end of the gallery.  Richard Freeman (Carolyn’s stepdad) was the one who carried it out. While the photo is … Continue reading

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Photos of her from Bergin book

I really debated about putting these up.  I decided I would just crop out the schmuck and post the photos of her in a gallery.  Some of the ones I had saved were just close-ups of her anyway, so not … Continue reading

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Some larger/better quality Carolyn photos

With the magazines I got from ebay awhile back, I found photos that were already in my folders, but decided to scan them in at a much better resolution.  I went back and switched out the old photos for the … Continue reading

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Some early Carolyn photos I’ve never seen

I posted photos from these modeling sessions earlier when this blog was just getting started, but the first four in this gallery were all new to me.  They came from an old tabloid I found on ebay for a surprisingly … Continue reading

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Undated 1999 photos of Carolyn

I’m not sure where these are from, but they were in with my 1999 folders.

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December 25, 1998 – Christmas photo

This photo was taken at Carolyn’s mother’s house either on Christmas Eve or day.  Carolyn is with Marta Sgubin, the lady who was the cook (and a companion) for Jackie.  I remember reading in RoseMarie Terenzio’s book that John told … Continue reading

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Random photo: John’s 38th birthday

This appeared in a magazine and the photo was from sometime around November 25, 1998, which was John’s birthday.  John and Carolyn had invited fifteen friends and family to come and celebrate what would sadly be his last one. He … Continue reading

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Random photo of John and Carolyn

It looks like they’re at someone’s home relaxing after an event.  I initially thought this was taken after they attended Ted Kennedy’s birthday party (because she wore the same necklace then), but John’s in a tux, so that’s not it.  … Continue reading

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November 1997 – Undated event

These look similar to the set that is going to follow these two photographs, but John is wearing a suit and tie in these rather than a tux.

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August 28, 1997 – Carolyn on the phone at the airport

I just found something that said this photo was taken on August 28, 1997 at Martha’s Vineyard Airport.  It seems odd that she’d be dressed so warmly, but it does get cool near the water. Anyway, what a pain to … Continue reading

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