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Photos from the Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy message board

I somewhat recently stumbled across this message board devoted to Carolyn and the girls over there are brilliant, because they somehow managed to find new photos! There are a few of them on a boat, one of Carolyn and John … Continue reading

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A few larger scanned-in photos

Just a few more I decided to scan in larger from some of the articles I had…

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Honeymoon photo backstory

This is an interesting honeymoon photo because I read in American Legacy that as much as they tried to keep the location of their honeymoon private, somehow the Globe found out that they were in Istanbul and dispatched one of … Continue reading

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May 1999 – At the Ivy Restaurant in London

Just a couple of photos from this one…

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May 4, 1999 – Ralph Lauren store opening in London

This was a party to celebrate the opening of Ralph Lauren’s new store in London. There are several very high quality photos in this batch.

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November 25, 1998 – Essex County Airport

This was John’s 38th birthday and the day before Thanksgiving.  I wonder if they spent the holiday with the Noonans again or someone else. Anyway, Carolyn looked pretty happy playing with Friday here, at least for awhile.  In the photos … Continue reading

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October 12, 1998 – At Teterboro Airport with Friday

This doesn’t look like a happy time.  I wonder if they got held up or something and then the paparazzi found them and swarmed around as usual?

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Addendum to Christiane Amanpour post

I realized thanks to reader Rachel’s comment that I didn’t post the link to the video where some of the screen captures on the Amanpour post came from.  Here it is, although it’s in Italian: And while I’ve seen … Continue reading

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September 7, 1998 – More boating in Hyannis

There are only a couple HQs in here.  Most of them are pretty poor quality…

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September 6, 1998 – Boating in Hyannis

Some of these are HQ and of nice resolution.

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