TV Guide Tribute to John screenshots

This clip is on YouTube and is part of a whole series.

The full gallery is after the jump…

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Little clip about them at Christiane Amanpour’s wedding

This little article got lost somehow.  It shows a picture of Christiane and her husband too.

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Additional Whitney 1997 screenshots

These are from the “As It Happened” segment on NBC.

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Inside Edition clip screenshots

The video for this one is gone as well, but I have the screenshots!

All of them are after the jump…

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Hard Copy clip screenshots

Unfortunately the video clip of this was removed from YouTube, but I took these screenshots with a special software awhile back.

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The outfits Carolyn wore on the runway

These are the models sporting what would become some very famous dresses, skirts and suits…

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Friday and Ruby photos

These are photos of Friday both before John and Carolyn died and photos of him and Ruby after they passed with Efigenio Pinheiro, Jackie’s longtime assistant who kindly took them in.  Friday died of cancer at age eight, and as for Ruby, I’m not sure what happened to her.

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A few collages I made

These are some collages I created.  A couple are fairly recent and others a few years old, which is why some look very amateurish.  ^_^;

You might remember a couple of them from the Ultimate Carolyn days…

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Time Magazine articles after their deaths

These are my last articles, and they are somber and the second one is maybe even morbid, but I did find them interesting enough that I thought some of you may want to read them since I haven’t seen them online.

The second article focuses on their last day and be forewarned – it is sad and rather disturbing to read how it all happened.  I wanted to know what went wrong that night.  They flew into haze and he lost his bearings, but I wanted a more technical answer and this article provided that.

So, if you’d rather not read about their deaths, I’d skip these altogether.

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More articles

All of these are from People except for an article from a tribute magazine called American Lifestyles: JFK Jr.

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