May 15, 1999 – Krizia Benefit Exhibition

This was held at the Grey Art Gallery in NYC and Carolyn wore a grey Yohji Yamamoto jacket.

The close-ups of her are some of my favorites because she looks so absolutely radiant in these photos.  There are a few HQs in this batch.

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May 1999 – At the Ivy Restaurant in London

Just a couple of photos from this one…

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May 4, 1999 – Ralph Lauren store opening in London

This was a party to celebrate the opening of Ralph Lauren’s new store in London.

There are several very high quality photos in this batch.

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1999 – At RoseMarie Terenzio’s birthday party

I’m not sure when RoseMarie’s birthday is (I’d have to scour my book to see if she mentions it as so far my Googling hasn’t turned up much), but this photo is from a party Carolyn and John threw for her.

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May 1, 1999 – White House Correspondents’ Dinner

This set contains some of the most famous photos of John and Carolyn.  I think they’re right up there with the wedding shots.  The one of her sitting on his lap is so darn bittersweet.

Her clamshell necklace was by Jean-Paul Gaultier.  Oh, and in photos 11 and 12, she is smiling at a child who was running up to her.  Another bittersweet photo, in my opinion.

There are some HQs in this batch.

Note: photos 11-12 are from

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April 1999 – With best friend Jessica Weinstein

At least I believe this is Jessica, going by other pictures I’ve seen.  This set of photos caused tabloids to make accusations that she was leaving, but obviously that wasn’t the case.  I think all married couples have spats and sometimes need a day apart to cool down.

I’m surprised the tabloids didn’t report on what brand of paper towels they used and figured out a way to make that scandalous.

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RIP, John, Carolyn and Lauren.  You were all unforgettable.

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March 9, 1999 – “Brite Nite Whitney” part IV

And here are the stills from various TV programs…

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March 9, 1999 – “Brite Nite Whitney” part III

There might be a few HQs in this batch…

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March 9, 1999 – “Brite Nite Whitney” event part II

This is a continuation from the previous post…

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